Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Be Brave

I just want to say one thing in my opening post: I will be borrowing my blog format from my friend Dough. I mean, my blog could evolve and everything. But for now, I love her format so much that I can’t help but use it. Her blog [http://aliceoutofcontext.blogspot.com/] is my favorite reading material.

Ideas I will appropriate:
(1) Making up code names for people I write about in order to protect their privacy
(2) Including a photo in every post
(3) Featuring quotes from others at the bottom of the blog

I'll make the author of the quote the label of the post.

Dough and I as roomies in Winter Quarter ’10...I promise she likes me.

When you love something,

you just love it.
You don’t want to change it.

"I’d assemble all the sand that covers wedding beaches
To build a castle so your mom would have a place to stay
Behind the water slide and down the hill where heaven reaches
Land and time is left to float away."