Sunday, May 13, 2012

Block in Space

Aiko, Sans, and I spent a couple days together this week, taking advantage one last time of our proximity–a two and a half hour drive. Aiko gave me a bunch of stuff she couldn’t take with her when she moves–stuff that could leak. I am especially happy about the body wash that smells like my freshman dorm. We had a graduation party for Aiko in a pub that reminds us of Oxford. We visited the university gardens, and as we walked in the heat to the Japanese tea house, I dragged pieces of chocolate from the bottom of my Ben and Jerry's shake. We drove by the iconic chapel, and I wanted to see more of the campus.

Even when the three of us felt out of it, our love was the predominant thing, obviously there, like a big block on the floor that was visible peripherally no matter where we turned. I described it, not very effectively, later in the week, “It’s like a block in space. It's like something solid that takes up space.”

Sans, Aiko, Sleek, and me. 5.17.08 "The shape of happiness overlaps in our pictures. It now became one big love. Let’s live together forever."

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Stuff vs. Somewhere

I was on West Side Story cloud nine last night. I saw a high school production that was shockingly good. At home afterwards, I was bounding around the upstairs in a sports bra and a red slip, kicking my legs to Dance at the Gym and belting out A Boy Like That. I was just so sure that life is all bliss and magic, and I am still sure, but I had a much messier day today with half-resolved discussions.
Nov. 2011 "Always the population growing, And the money owing, And the babies crying, And the bullets flying."