Wednesday, February 13, 2013

RV Heaven

February '96. Saturday afternoon. My parents told me we were going to check out 
the annual RV show. I was upset that I’d have to miss SNICK. There was no way an RV show could beat SNICK.
We went, and there were huge rooms with RVs galore, and by the time my parents were tired and ready to leave, I of course
had to be dragged out, and I spent the next few weeks
doodling designs of RVs with aquariums and intense stacks of bunk beds. 
From then on, it was a tradition to go every February, and
I went in junior year of high school wearing a light pink top with a faux diamond heart pendent for Valentine’s Day, my last time going before college in Illinois prevented me.
We finally got to take Blondie to his first show this past Saturday.
I knew he would get engaged, seriously considering which RVs would fit our needs.  
I don’t think we would ever get one. It would be like beating up the environment for our vacation. But those sights and smells made me feel so nostalgic. And man did I pour myself into the day and climb on those bunk beds like I was seven.  

February 9, 2013
"All these kind of places
Make it seem like it’s been ages."