Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Local Theme Park

This evening Blondie and I went to the local theme park for the fourth time this summer. We've been going every Wednesday, our day off together. Things about the park:

(1) Traveling with nothing but our clothes is the most wonderful thing. As soon as we gain access to the park, we turn around, walk our season passes to the car, and reenter the park, so that we have nothing. Nothing can slip out of our pockets.

(2) The aesthetic value of the park, on the whole, is low (there was no great attempt made to create atmosphere), but we see beauty...a cattail pond; a huge flower bed, purple and pink; below one of the water rides, a huge 'field' of soaking, almost black mulch; the way the stuffed gorillas, hanging in a row, look at night (in the moonlight and spotlight).

(3) The rides stay the same, but our subjective experience of them is different every time (like different theatrical productions of the same text).

(4) It is very good to go to a different place for a bit.

My bank's drive-through. June 2011.

"I don't want to spend another day in this city.
I woke up thirsty. It's hard to go back, you know."

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