Monday, September 3, 2012

Zombie Reprieve

We hurt a lot of things to sustain the way of life we enjoy right now. 

Technically, we could give up this way of life, the 2012 way of life with cars and everything like that. If there were a mandate passed that ordered us to cease from every variety of hurting other beings and the earth, we could just stop hurting. I’m not suggesting that we take this incredibly drastic step. I’m just saying it could be done, even if it cost us a lot of happiness (I don’t know if it would–it just might). But if, in one moment, we decided that our only focus was not to damage the earth, we could stop moving right then and there and only move forward if we knew we weren’t damaging the earth. 

But it’s just not happening right now. We choose this irresistible way of life, and maybe we’re so guilty about it that we want zombies to come and take our way of life away from us and bring us back to the wild where we’re not manufacturing or participating in the manufacture of things that hurt the earth. 

This dress from the eighties hurts the earth.


  1. Looks like you're modeling the ideal zombie fashions. Loose for free movement and ideal attackability and camouflaging colors for sneak-up-ability. You've definitely got the hand postures right- zombies never know what they're doing with their hands; they forget to use them.