Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Ant has been saying that I should read something by the financial guru Suze Orman. She found one of Suze's books, The Courage to Be Rich, in a used book store and passed it along. Oh gosh, that title. I started reading it this weekend and liked this idea: “The notion of stating your goals in the present tense rather than as an expression of future intent is not new. It actually dates back to a tenth-century Hindu text called The Outlook of Shiva, written by a scholar called Somananda. In it, he instructs us to act as if we already embody our goal, no matter the disparity between what we are and what we wish to become. It is important not to allow doubt to cause us to abandon our intention but to maintain ‘an unwavering awareness’ by affirming our goal with confidence and conviction. In this way, Somananda explains, our being aligns itself with our intention, and the goal becomes manifest.”

March 2012. The reservoir by my house.


  1. This complements my life so perfectly right now. Just what I needed. Thank you for your knack of always being able to bring light into my life just by being yourself. <3